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  • Snowplow Sam Levels

Snowplow Sam is designed for beginners, 3 to 5 years old. Upon completion of Snowplow Sam 3, skaters usually advance to the Basic 2 class.
Download the Basic Skills Snowplow Sam Curriculum.

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Snowplow Sam 1

  • Sit and stand up with skates on – off Ice
  • Sit and stand up – on Ice
  • March in place
  • March forward – 8–10 steps
  • March, then glide on two feet
  • Dip in place

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Snowplow Sam 2

  • March followed by a long glide
  • Dip while moving
  • Backward wiggles – six in a row
  • Forward two-foot swizzles – 2-3 in a row
  • Rocking horse – one forward, one backward swizzle action
  • Two-foot hop in place

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Snowplow Sam 3

  • Forward skating – 8–10 steps
  • Forward one-foot glide – R and L
  • Forward swizzles – 4–6 in a row
  • Backward swizzles – 4–6 in a row
  • Forward snowplow stop with skid
  • Curves




To register for learn to skate classes, call 314-963-8684 or stop by the Brentwood Ice Arena front desk.

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The mission of St. Louis Skating Club is to promote, encourage and improve all areas of amateur skating, in all disciplines. St. Louis Skating Club encourages a fraternal feeling among ice skaters and strives to raise the standard and level of figure skating by encouraging testing and competitive skating and by providing skaters access to qualified club-approved coaches.


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