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280x150-goodsearch   Goodsearch is an easy way to support our club! Earn money to help St. Louis Skating Club bring new programs to it's membership in three primary ways: internet searches, online shopping and dining out. Click to register today!
  • Goodsearch: Search the Internet with our patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine (just like you’d search on any other search engine), and we’ll donate about a penny for nearly all searches to your selected cause.
  • Goodshop: Shop at one of our more than 2,800 participating stores (from Amazon to Zazzle) and a percentage of what you spend will be donated to your cause at no cost to you. Oh, and by the way, there’s a big added bonus here too. Goodshop lists more than 100,000 coupons and deals so you could save money while doing good!
  • Gooddining: Dine at one of our 10,000 participating restaurants around the country and a percentage of what you spend will go to your cause – again at no cost to you.
  • Good-to-go add-ons: The GoodShop To-Go Button, GoodApp Toolbar and Goodsearch Plug-in all install in less than 30 seconds and help you to earn donations for your favorite cause when you shop and search even when you don’t visit Goodsearch first!
  • Goodsurveys: When you complete a survey on our online surveys platform, we'll make a donation of about $1 to your cause!
  • Goodoffers: When you complete any of our special offers - from watching videos, to participating in market research, to buying a discounted treatment at a favorite local spa - we'll make a donation to your cause!
  • Goodgames: Play fun and entertaining games to support your favorite cause! When you play any combination of our goodgames three times, we’ll donate a penny to your cause.
  • Goodtvads: Watch commercials from your favorite products and brands to raise money for your cause!

How do I start raising money for my non-profit or school with Goodsearch?

  • Visit www.goodsearch.com and select St. Louis Skating Club from their list of participating organizations.
  • Use the search box on the Goodsearch homepage or download a Good To-Go add-on to search the Internet just like you normally would, with the added bonus that you are earning a donation for virtually every search.




Earn money to help St. Louis Skating Club in three primary ways: internet searches, online shopping and dining out. Click to register today!

  • You register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program.
  • Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.
  • Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your child's behalf!


  1. Pick up a card at any Schnucks Store.
  2. Register your card online or call (800) 931-6258.
  3. Shop at Schnucks and have your card scanned when you check out.

eScrip Dining by Rewards Network

eScrip Dining is proud to offer the opportunity for you and your families to earn up to 5% per dollar spent - including tax and tip at thousands of participating restaurants.

  1. Register your debit/credit cards at www.escrip.com
  2. Search www.escrip.rewardsnetwork.com for participating restaurants
  3. Dine at thousands of restaurants across the country
  4. Earn up to 5%* on your entire bill!

eScript Online Mall

Shop at over 1,000 of your favorite online merchants to support St. Louis Skating Club including Amazon, Apple, 1-800-Flowers, J. Crew, Macy's, Ebay and Magazines.com!

eScript Merchant Guide

  • American Airlines Flight Certificates – 3%
    • Ordered through Mitch-Stuart, Inc. 1-800-574-9991.
  • Club Cruise – up to 5% (leader in the cruise industry)
  • DriversEd.com – 5%
  • Jumpsport – 10%
  • Orvis – 5%
  • Private Education Network – 5%
  • Rewards Network Dining – up to 5%
  • Sierra Trading Post – 5%
  • Webtrafficschool.com – 5%

How will St. Lous Skating Club use fundraising dollars?

  • Skating Seminars
  • Judging Workshops
  • PSA/Coaching Workshops


Our Mission

The mission of St. Louis Skating Club is to promote, encourage and improve all areas of amateur skating, in all disciplines. St. Louis Skating Club encourages a fraternal feeling among ice skaters and strives to raise the standard and level of figure skating by encouraging testing and competitive skating and by providing skaters access to qualified club-approved coaches.


St. Louis Skating Club is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any gift you make is tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.