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Upcoming Events:

  • Dec. 3 - Holiday Show
  • Dec. 15 - Test Session
  • Jan. 27 - National Skating Month Event at Brentwood Ice Rink

 Previous Events

Sept. 8 - Power Classes Start

Sept. 11 - Theatre on Ice Auditions

Dec. 9 - Test Session

June 30 - Membership renewal time! Members can now renew for the 2016-17 season. Renew online to make sure your membership doesn't elapse.

June 1 - Deadline for 2016 St Louis Summer Skills Camp. Registration http://comp.entryeeze.com/Home.aspx?cid=475

June 4 - Deadline for S.T.A.R.S. Combine http://www.usfigureskating.org/story?id=83958

June 4 & 6 - Learn to Skate starts at Brentwood Ice Rink. More information on the Brentwood Ice Rink website.

June 7 & 8 - 2016 St Louis Summer Skills Camp at Brentwood Ice Rink.

June 10 - U.S Figure Skating Test Session. Brentwood Ice Rink. We are looking for volunteers! Contact Lyssa Cobb if you are able to run music or bring hospitality supplies. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 11 - Saint Louis Theatre on Ice will be presenting their 2016 National Long Program at the Gateway Invitational. Come to support our TOI team! 12:15pm at Brentwood Ice Arena.

June 11 - 2016 Gateway Invitational at Brentwood Ice Rink.

June 17 - Deadline for Spirit of St. Louis Open. U.S. Figure Skating competition at St. Peters.

June 18 - S.T.A.R.S Combine, Neuwoehner High School Gymnasium, 21112 Clayton Rd. Town & Country, MO 63131

June 30 - Theatre on Ice Nationals, Birmingham, Alabama

July 10 - SPFSA Test Session, St. Peters FSA

July 16 - Spirit of St. Louis Open, St. Peters Rec-Plex

St. Louis SC had an amazing amount of help at the July 18th Test Session and 41st Annual Gateway Invitational. We want to thank the following members who volunteered their time, energy and food for hospitality.

Thank you to our test session chairperson, Lyssa Cobb and our dance partner, Logan Giuelietti-Schmitt. Both were amazing!

Gateway and Test Session Hosplitality and Volunteers: Nancy, Amy, Joanie, Beth, Barb, Chuck, Erica, Scott R., Peggy, Deidre, Karen, Lori, Ali Michelle, Becky, Julie, Jay, Sarah, Scott F., Chris, Kristin, Jon, Joy, Stephanie, Tori, Marina, Maggie, The Lewis Family, Tina

Gateway Runners: Harper, Beca, Anna, Elsa, Jolee, Kaitlyn, Christopher, Bernice, Sophia, Skye, Justine, Katie, Sage, Emilie Ann, Cassidy, Adele, Francie, Emma

Gateway and Test Session Officials: Lori Osborne, Rick Kern, Donald Conrad, Julia Jordan, Darlene Michael, Jay Michael, Sarah Reid, Hannah Katz, Gilbert Sosa, Julie Binz, Rowena Chester

A huge thank you to those vendors who helped make Gateway a success! 
Kevin Devine Photography, Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics, Lululemon, St. Louis Theatre on Ice and Gateway hair and makeup artists – Becky and Erin.

The 41st Annual Gateway Invitational will be held July 19 and 20, 2014 at the Brentwood Ice Arena. Information is available on the competition website gateway.stlouisskatingclub.org. Entries are being accepted until June 19 at entryeeze.com.

The Gateway Invitational is a U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned non-qualifying figure skating competition. It began in 1973 by the Gateway Figure Skating Club. The club eventually merged with the St. Louis Skating Club, which continues to host the competition at the Brentwood Ice Arena. Events include Basic Skills, National Solo Dance Series, Well-Balanced Free Skate, Test Track Free Skate, Compulsory Moves, Jumps, Spins and National Showcase.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Louis Skating Club is to promote, encourage and improve all areas of amateur skating, in all disciplines. St. Louis Skating Club encourages a fraternal feeling among ice skaters and strives to raise the standard and level of figure skating by encouraging testing and competitive skating and by providing skaters access to qualified club-approved coaches.


St. Louis Skating Club is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any gift you make is tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.