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The senior test, or “gold” test, is the highest achievement a skater can accomplish in any particular discipline. The four current types of skating tests are moves in the field, free skating, pairs and ice dancing. Becoming a Gold Medalist is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. Only about 3 percent of skaters are at the gold or senior level. Once a skater passes the senior test, this accomplishment becomes part of their permanent U.S. Figure Skating record and can be used on a resume or college application.

We would like to congratulate the following skaters for earning the title “U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist”:
Note: The skaters listed below were home club members at the time they passed their test.

Senior Moves in Field:

Elsa Wagnon October 2017
Justine Oestricker April 2017
Joy Elder March 2017
Caroline Evins February 2017
Oona Gaffney December 2016
Alexandra Schneiderhahn February 2016
Sophia Liu November 2015
Mali Gartin July 2014
Vincent "Drew" Kirov April 2014
Emily Pestka March 2014
Shelby Tucker March 2014
Emily Don May 2012
Lyssa A. Cobb November 2011
Claire A. Pieper November 2011
Diane M. Consiglio July 2011
Alyssa Harden April 2011
Elaine Zhang March 2011
Jordin D. Harth July 2010
Grant Chien-Hao Huang April 2010
Lauren N Rotkis January 2010
Katherine Thomas July 2009
Lauren Rotkis April 2009
Jason Cohn March 2009
Madison Havel March 2009
Kelsey McFarland March 2009
Tina Nguyen March 2009
Danielle Cherry April 2008
Miranda Eckhardt March 2008
Sarah Heerboth March 2008
Jill Sharp March 2008
Janae Sims February 2008
Rosalind Scoular November 2007
Alexandra Friedman June 2007
Samantha Millard April 2007
Quinn Tyminski April 2007
Lauri Bonacorsi December 2006
Drew Tierney December 2006
Jonathan Cohn October 2006
Amber L Wehrle June 2006
Brandon Mroz April 2005
Kyle Tierney July 2004
Kristy Ratowski April 2003
Alexandria Kister July 2002
Rebecca Cacioppo March 2002
Evelyn Gwi February 2001
Victoria Kelly April 2000
Alison Goldner November 1998
Bonnie Stroup November 1998
Lisa Bourjolly May 1998
Phillip Patterson May 1998
Susan Begany (Brockhaus) April 1998

Adult Moves in Field:


Joy Elder

April 2014

Christine M. Decker Callison

January 2013
Shelly Millard October 2004

Free Skate:

Sophia Liu May 2016
Emily Mohr September 2014
Madison H. Chancey December 2011
Jill Sharp December 2008
Debbie Knubley August 2007
Susan Begany-Brockhaus November 2006
Joel Loera July 2005
Rebecca Cacioppo May 2002
Kelsey Drewel August 2002
Evelyn Gwi April 2001
Phillip Patterson December 2001
Kelly Komadoski October 1998

Adult Freestyle:

Susan Brownell September 2000

Ice Dance:

Joy Elder June 2016
Emily Don April 2014
Rebecca M Cacioppo July 2012
Katherine Thomas April 2010
Jason Cohn July 2009
Drew Tierney April 2009
Allison Baynes September 2007
Kristi Ratkowski April 2005
Mandy Hellman August 2004
Joanna Kunz August 2004
Debbie Knubley March 2004
Susan Begany (Brockhaus) July 2002
Karen Hutter (Branson) February 1999
Carol Zimmer October 1998
Bonnie Stroup July 1998
Karen Moehsmer May 1998
Jean Trask (Madrid) January 1998
Aiko Eto January 1995
Susan Kerr March 1992
Jennifer Thompson (Rutkowski) September 1991
Sarah Reid September 1987
Shirley Carron (Panu) June 1986
Linda Guibor Gartner August 1982

Solo Dance:

Rebecca M Cacioppo January 2015

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