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Scholarship Fund


St. Louis Skating Club’s Scholarship is designed to help qualified skaters meet skating-related expenses and defray costs incurred by coaches in pursuing advanced education in the sport of figure skating. Expenses may include such items as coaching fees, ice time, skating equipment, off-ice training, competition fees, team payments, costuming, attendance at seminars and clinics, etc.

Applicants may qualify for an award in one of two ways:

  • Financial need and dedication to the sport and to the St. Louis Skating Club.
  • Demonstrated competitive accomplishment representing the St. Louis Skating Club.

Download the application. 


  • Applicant must be a current member of U.S. Figure Skating and home club member of the St. Louis
  • Skating Club in good standing. If a coach, the applicant also must be a member of PSA.
  • Applicant / family must demonstrate financial need. Family’s income level must be no more than $150k per year absent special circumstances (i.e., recent involuntary loss of employment.) Financial need is not a
  • requirement to qualify for an award based upon demonstrated competitive accomplishment. A coach applicant is not required to submit financial information.
  • Individual merits of the skater or coach (e.g., competition record, volunteer time, etc.).
  • The purpose for which assistance will be used (priority may be given to expenses which provide a direct benefit to St. Louis Skating Club.)



  • To be considered for an assistance award, the application, available July 1, must be completed and mailed on or before July 15.
  • Answer all questions. Do not leave spaces blank. If a question does not pertain to you, enter “n/a.”
  • Skaters are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a coach attesting to the skater’s dedication to the sport and generally describing the skater’s lesson or training plan.
  • If you are applying for assistance because of financial need, financial information must accompany the application or the application will not be considered. The first page of the applicant and/or parent/guardian’s last tax return should be included. All financial information submitted on or with the application will be confidential.
  • All applicants will be notified by mail of the decisions of the committee.


The St. Louis Skating Club Board of Directors will be informed of the names of award recipients and the amount to be disbursed. To the extent possible, payment for expenses will be made directly by the club to the provider of the services.

Race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation and ethnic background are not considered in the selection of award recipients. Assistance may be reported to the IRS and subject to federal and state income tax. Since no taxes will be withheld, recipients and/or their parent/guardian should be advised that they may have a tax liability at the time they file a return.

Download the application.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Louis Skating Club is to promote, encourage and improve all areas of amateur skating, in all disciplines. St. Louis Skating Club encourages a fraternal feeling among ice skaters and strives to raise the standard and level of figure skating by encouraging testing and competitive skating and by providing skaters access to qualified club-approved coaches.


St. Louis Skating Club is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Any gift you make is tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.